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Vivek Menon on Board of Advisors of Sherwood Institute- 21 September 2011

Vivek Menon was recently inducted on to the Board of Advisors of the prestigious Sherwood Institute. The Sherwood Institute's mission is to usher in a new wave of water and energy infrastructure modeled after the multi purpose, regenerative designs nature has perfected instead of the single purpose, highly wasteful systems of the last century. It is only through rapid and widespread adoption of these concepts that we can hope to provide a high quality of life to our 10 billion sons and daughters who will soon share this earth with us. The Sherwood Institute incollaboration with the GoK and the BDA is currently spearheading the Lake Rejuvenation drive in Bangalore with assistance from several private donors including Google, Sobha Developers, Invicus Engineering and the United Way. Nicole Faria, Ms. Earth 2010 is the brand ambassador for the program.


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