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Highways & Toll Roads

From our involvement on the Interstate 10 program in Houston, Texas to the SH 130 Toll Road program in Austin, Texas, Invicus has a proven track record in highway planning, design and management. . Whether planning, designing and managing the construction of urban streets, Toll Roads and highways or developing innovative solutions for traffic management, utility relocation and Right-of-Way acquisition, our multidisciplinary staff is creating state-of-the-art facilities.
Our highway engineers and planners have demonstrated capabilities in the areas of
System Planning, Subarea/Corridor Planning and Feasibility Studies
Land Planning/Engineering, Major Investment Studies, Route Studies & Schematic for Major and Minor Roadways
Minor and Major Bridge Layouts and Roadway design for Minor and Major Roads, Arterials, Highways and Complex Interchanges
Right of Way Analysis and Utility Relocation Design
Hydrological Analysis & Hydraulic Design for highways including storm water system design with inlets, manholes, junction boxes, culvert design, detention and retention ponds, weir and outfall design.
Traffic Engineering Studies including signal warrant analysis, multi-way stop control studies, speed studies, sight distance investigations, and intersection capacity analysis. In addition our capabilities include Traffic Signal Design, Traffic Impact Analysis, Traffic Calming Measures, Spot Speed Analysis, Accident Analysis and Corrective Measures and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Analysis, Design & Implementation.
Signing, Pavement Marking & Channelization
Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities
Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR), Plans, Specifications and Detailed Engineers Estimates

  Redefining Highway Design
Innovative Design Solutions
Proven Track Record
Sustainable Development
Commuter Based Approach
"Invicus’ quality staff seamlessly integrated themselves into the SH 130 design team”.
Glenn Sadulsky, P.E.
Vice President & Design Director
DMJM Harris

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